Shooting for the APSI, and I'm back on snow


Well a great opportunity presented itself to me this week. After finally getting approval to use the Sit Ski I asked the Disabled Winter Sport Australia (DWA) rep Tom Mitten when I could use it. Having worked together in Japan and featuring in some of my photos he then asked if I could get some adaptive technical photos for the new APSI training manual. This came as a bit of a shock but I jumped on it straight away.

We organised to meet up this morning to get the shots and then go out on the slopes together. The photos went great getting some static positioning shots as well as one sequence showing body movements meeting criteria.

One of the hardest things to deal with was timing vs lighting. There is only one spot at Falls Creek that would be completely empty suitable for the sequence shot; the lesson meeting area during lunch time. The only problem is the subject will be slightly back lit and the background is a bit cluttered.

EDIT: We made do with what we had and the following sequence shot was eventually used in the latest APSI manual

Image 2 - static shot showing angulation through spine

Image 3 - side profile showing centered weight on mono ski

After this Tom took me for a refresher on the Bi ski, which was awesome fun just be back out on snow, even if I was restricted to beginner runs.

Image 4 - Tom Mitten keeping watch on me in the bi ski. Courtesy Hot Shots Photography

Thanks Tom for a great day, it really boosted my morale considering I’ve been stuck inside almost every day since doing my knee.

Written on September 23, 2013