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    To those out of the loop, JPOW is Japanese Powder, and is regarded as some of the best snow in the world. So I have finished travelling around Japan and I am now living at Myoko Kogen, Niigata Prefecture, with other staff from Myoko Snowsports (see www.myokosnowsports.com). It has been snowing and raining off and […]

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    Giant Archway

    What did I find, probably one of the best travelling experiences I have ever had. Where, Kyoto Japan. How, paid 600 yen, roughly 8 Aussie dollars to rent a bike from the backpackers for a full day. Who with, 2 good friends Melzy and Toby. It rather hard to explain the feeling you get riding along a simple […]

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  • Hectic 4 days

    2 things about Japan: 1. They do things as efficiently as possible, and 2. Its a lot of people in a small place. But first, what have I done the last 4 days Day 1 – Didnt carry my camera We (Melzy, Toby, Michaela and Myself) went for a little exploration and found the local […]